Thank you

We couldn't do what we do without help from the following members of the Almost Home Kitty Rescue team. Huge thanks go to:

  • Our wonderful families and friends
  • who understand and support our drive to make the kitty world a better place.

  • Our volunteers
  • who have eased our burdens, shared our pain and delighted in our joy.

  • Our donors
  • who have, perhaps without realizing it, come through when we have the most need for their help.

  • Our adoptors
  • who find kitties they love and in return have special members of their families. Without them, there wouldn't be openings for other needy kitties and we'd have to stop rescuing.

  • PetSmart of Oshkosh

    who have made us their favorite charity! They allow us to host adoptable kitties on-site, hold adopt-a-thons and ask their great customers to support us by buying cans of food for our kitties, but all of this is nothing compared to the kindness of the fantastic, caring people who work there.
    Oshkosh PetSmart
    1005 N Washburn St, Oshkosh, WI 54904
    (920) 252-8305!
  • Wellness Veterinary Clinic
  • who always go the extra mile for our kitties

  • Nashville Pet Products

    who treat us like family, donating food and litter and hosting adoption events.
  • Dr. Elsey's

    who have made generous donations of our favorite cat litter.