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TNR 2017 began on March 7!

Running grand total of cats that have been trapped, neutered or spayed and returned to their home:
  • 65 males were neutered
  • 103 females were spayed
  • 168 Total to date

That is a LOT of unwanted kittens that will not be born!

Scroll down for totals for each year.

May 31 2017 - What a season it has been so far! We are on hold for TNR because we are overwhelmed with kittens. So far this year

  • 17 males were neutered
  • 43 females were spayed

60 cats (so far) that are living out their lives without reproducing ever again!

We hope to do more trapping later this year.

TNR 2016

  • 28 males were neutered
  • 39 females were spayed

68 cats who won't produce hundreds and hundreds of kittens!

Sometimes things don't go as well as we envision.
This big tom was our first catch of the 2016 TNR season. He was neutered and returned.
Almost Home Kitty Rescue's mission is to stop the reproduction of unwanted kitties. Kim did her part by grabbing 5 kittens that were hiding under unsteady piles of wood. They were tame enough so that once they were spayed or neutered, given shots and TLC, they were adopted to loving families. Without Kim's quick reflexes all 5 would have spent their short lives in a woodpile.
TNR is not always about finding and saving cute kittens. This is the reality of TNR. These two, and the rest of the cats at this location were extremely sick. They were hairless on their back legs from constant diarrhea most likely from worms. They had lice, ticks, fleas and ear mites, as well as upper respiratory infections. They were all reproducing more kittens who would have ended up the same way. We took in some of the adoptable cats and kittens and did our best to get the rest spayed and neutered.

Look how wonderful Whitney looked after some TLC! Her story touched a wonderful woman and Whitney went to her forever home. She is doing very well!

TNR 2015
Almost Home Kitty Rescue came into being in August 2015.

With just three months left to the year, and considering trapping cannot occur when it is too cold, we were pleased to publish our TNR results:

  • 21 males were neutered
  • 19 females were spayed

40 cats who are living a reproductive-free life!