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The Founders of Almost Home Kitty Rescue

Back: Kim and Sandy
Front: Brieanna and Carlyn

Chewie and Milo are happy cuddling with Kim. Kim is the mama of all Almost Home bottle babies, and there have been a lot! She feeds them every two hours around the clock and gives them love and kisses, which makes them thrive. Bottle babies grow up to be the most wonderful, people-friendly kitties!

Carlyn has fostered many kitties and loves them all. She is an expert at getting shy kitties to come out of their shells to be good members of their new families once they get permanently home. She is shown with one of her previous foster kitties
Brieanna is a big help with the bottle babies and all the other foster kitties when she is not at college studying to be a veterinarian. It is no surprise to anyone that Brieanna wants to dedicate her life to animals. Angel is with Brieanna, stealing the limelight. She has grown a lot from this picture!
Sandy does the behind-the-scenes work.