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Our kitties are almost home. They are hoping you will give them a permanent home!

AHKR Adoption Application

The mission of Almost Home Kitty Rescue is to reduce the outdoor feline population through Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR).

Almost Home Kitty Rescue traps and neuters or spays feral, homeless, and farm kitties. If the situation warrants in that the trapped kitty is adoptable, it will be homed in a foster home setting until it can be adopted. Otherwise, once altered and ear-tipped, it is released back to the location from which it was trapped.

Almost Home Kitty Rescue is also dedicated to saving abandoned kittens who have no mother to nurse them. They are known as "bottle babies" and with no mother, they wouldn't survive without our intervention.

Almost Home Kitty Rescue does not accept kitties from the public. Please contact your local humane society.

We are funded by donations. Please help by making a tax-free donation through PayPal